Why Iran?

  • ✅ Iran is the most developed, most ancient and safest destination for medical tourism in the Middle East.
  • ✅ Most experienced treatment teams and medicine specialists
  • ✅ Performing world’s updated and most developed types of surgery and medical services.
  • ✅ Best and most competitive treatment prices in the region.
  • ✅ Natural remedies e.g. hydrotherapy, massage therapy, mud therapy and visiting the Health Towns

Why Us?

  • ✅ Initial medical consultation with a brief survey of the patient’s medical via internet to save time.
  • ✅ Making treatment and tour plan before the patient’s travel.
  • ✅ Making medical appointments to save the time before the patient’s travel.
  • ✅ Applying medical or tourism visa for our clients.
  • ✅ Reservation hotels, motels, campuses the forest, desert or at the seaside all around Iran